Professional Texas Cave Management

The Texas Cave Conservancy is a non-profit 501 ( c ) (3) corporation. The TCC is dedicated to the protection of caves; cave life and the aquifer as related to caves. Toward that end, the TCC is actively involved in cave related land management. We are involved in the management of over fifty properties with over one hundred and fifty caves. We work under the City of Austin cave related Watershed Ordinance and the U.S.Fish & Wildlife cave related endangered species regulations. As a non-profit, our rates are highly competitive. In addition to general land management activities, we conduct the following activates:

  • Cave Monitoring
  • Fire Ant Control
  • Development of Parks and Cave Preserves
  • Educational Sign Development
  • Public Education
Rhadine Persephone
Rhadine Persephone Beetle
One of the current Texas Cave Conservancy projects is assisting in the development of the Discovery Well Cave Preserve for the City of Cedar Park.

Contact us for a list of our clients.

We can work with you to offer "Solutions to Cave Related Problems".

If you have caves on your development or desire additional information, please contact us at:
  • Texas Cave Conservancy
  • Mike Walsh - President
  • 201 South Lakeline # 601
  • Cedar Park, Texas 78613
  • 512-249-2283

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Texas Cave Conservancy Cave Management Reports City of Austin Maps Presentations
  • Westside Cave Preserve - This nine minute Power Point Presentation outlines the history of this Cedar Park, Texas development as told By Mike Warton, environmental consultant, Barry Allison, the developer's spokesman and Kurt Randa, the City of Cedar Park - Parks & Recreation Director.
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