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The Texas Speleological Association is the state wide caving organization. If you are interested in going caving, check out their website at: Their Calendar Link provides the dates and activities available. Many of these are Work Projects at the caves where you can assist.
Jul 13-17
National Speleological Society Convention
Waynesville, Missouri
TCC News
Often it is difficult to explain who you are and what you do. In order to make it easier to understand we ask you to look at our web site and read about some of the Texas Cave Conservancy accomplishments over the past twenty-one years. In order to assist you, we have added a link in the upper left hand side of this page. Click on "TCC Activities" link. For over twenty-one years, dozens of volunteers have worked hard to make it possible for the public to attend the free TCC events. We want to thank the 12,000+ visitors for attending our free public education activities and for supporting the Texas Cave Conservancy.
TCC Mission

On October 13, 1994, several cavers gathered in New Braunfels, Texas to create the Texas Cave Conservancy. The Mission Statement of this non-member, non-profit, 501 (c) (3) Texas corporation is listed below.

"The Texas Cave Conservancy is dedicated to the protection of caves, cave life, and aquifers as related to caves. We work through public education, scientific research and cave management by assisting land developers, municipalities, conservation groups, other non-profit organizations and private land- owners in the protection and management of caves."

There are over one thousand known caves in the urban areas throughout Texas. Some of the best caves have been destroyed. As development continues, the goal of the Texas Cave Conservancy is to save as many caves as possible through the establishment of parks and preserves. Much of our income is from the design, construction, and the management of cave preserves. As a non-profit organization, our consultation is provided at no cost to the cave owner.

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